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What Happens To The Body When You Hit Menopause?
If you find it hard to stay in shape DESPITE watching what you eat and exercising and have suddenly put weight on once you hit the menopause… 

Know this: It’s not you… it’s your HORMONES. 

Hormone imbalance can lead to: 

✔️ Increased body fat
✔️ A HUGE spike in cortisol levels
✔️ Foggy thinking and forgetfulness
✔️ Aches and joint pain
This is why Deborah Murtagh has dedicated over 27 years of clinical research to finding out what works to beat menopausal weight gain. 

In this free online masterclass you'll learn EXACTLY what TO DO and what TO EAT to quickly transform your body. 
Her program has now been used in over 48 countries and has helped thousands of Women worldwide.
What You Will Learn On This FREE presentation
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How To Quickly Restore Vibrance And Health By Resetting Your Hormones, Turbo-Boosting Your Metabolism & Reducing Inflammation
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How To Turn Your Body Into a FAT Burning Machine With A Simple Diet Secret The Food Industry Doesn't Want You To Know
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How To Reprogram Your Mind To Eliminate Cravings and Keep Your Weight Off Long Term Without Depriving Yourself Of Tasty Food
Brought To You By Deborah Murtagh
Leading Women's Weight Loss Expert
Deborah Murtagh is a world-renowned weight loss coach specialising in science-based nutritional coaching for reversing menopause and hormonal imbalances to restore optimal health and vibrance. Deborah has inspired thousands of people to see that real healthy food is totally delicious and simple to prepare. She teaches students in over 48 countries how to nourish the body with natural, traditional whole foods through online trainings and seminars sharing her own story and struggle of how she overcame her weight issues and transformed her body and health.
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