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About The Host
Lynda Moore is the co-founder of Money Mentalist and accountant with more than 20 years in practice, who also has post-graduate qualifications in psychology and has studied money psychology under psychiatrist Dr David Krueger MD in Houston. She brings unique business abilities and an in-depth financial professional background to her integration of psychology and neuroscience with Mentor Coaching.

She is the only certified New Money Story® Mentor licensed to practice in New Zealand and Australia. Lynda’s passion is helping people achieve their personal and business goals by teaching them to understand the link between their ‘money mind-set’ and the way they manage and grow their wealth.

“Many of our clients have a clear idea of what they want to achieve in life, but are held back by the way they or their partner, approach finances. Using my skills in accounting and my training in psychology, we created the Fire-up Your Money programmes to help clients work through their individual obstacles and find financial success.”
What People Are Saying...
“In 7 weeks, under Lynda’s expert guidance, I’ve completely changed my relationship with money. I feel empowered. I’m clear on my goals. I have a great plan in place. And I’ve never felt more in control of my finances."

- Shelly Davies -
"I would thoroughly recommend women to go along and get valuable insights that are beneficial to running a business. I came away feeling energised with a new outlook on money and sales to enhance my business. “

– Catherine Baker – The Brand Depot
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