My complete guide to losing up to 10kgs/22lbs in just 8 short weeks and keeping it off!
Why Join The Ketogenic Switch Program?
If you're confused about weight loss and have tried multiple diets and exercise plans AND nothing has worked....This is for you!
Most people think that counting calories, low-fat diets, and high-intensity exercise plans will help you lose weight. 

The problem with this is that these methods only produce short term results and we find ourselves piling the weight back on once we stop or hit a plateau.  

So many times what we have previously been told is RIGHT has major effects on our long term health and weight loss.

Calories in vs calories out doesn't equal good health

Humans need a nutrient dense diet not a nutrient devoid diet.

You need to start looking deeper into what those calories are giving you.
After struggling with my weight for years, I set out to find the secret to ever lasting weight loss and on my journey help thousands of other women who are battling with their weight.
There is a switch in our brains and a switch in our bodies, which when accessed makes weight loss EASY!
01: The Physical Switch 
Nutritional Ketosis
By reducing our carbohydrate intake from ultra-processed foods to a minimum, there is no longer enough glucose to fuel the body, so the body very cleverly seeks a second fuel source – FAT

That’s right, this diet burns fat as fuel. 
It converts stored fat cells and dietary fat into ketones through the liver.
  • Heals and nourish the body without hunger
  •  Detoxifies and cleanses the body to renew and restore energy and vitality
  •  Is nutrient dense which means it provides the body everything it needs for optimal health and it tastes delicious 
  •  THIS diet is not about deprivation.
Your stubborn FAT becomes your very own 
PERSONAL source of energy! 
02: The Mind Switch 
Scientist USED to believe that our genes predicted our physical makeup, however, we now know we are each born with 30,000 genetic potentials and what determines which genes are activated or switched off, is our environment. 

This means diet, lifestyle, stress and ultimately our belief system

Inner coach and Inner critic

Our inner critic is the negative sabotaging voice in our head that tells you it's okay to eat that cake or cookie just this once.

The good news is we can re-program core beliefs and embody change with the right techniques.

I discovered that we are only limited by our internal dialogue and self-belief. This is what's called Neuroplasticity and by applying certain techniques you can recondition your mind to think like a slim person.

Your inner coach loves you and always wants what's best for you and your body. Feeding the inner coach daily with the right habits, fuels ever lasting change and weight loss.
The Ketogenic Switch is a compilation of 23 years of nutritional and clinical research from world renowned women's weight loss coach Deborah Murtagh.
Deborah Murtagh is one of the worlds leading Women's weight loss coaches and has students in over 48 countries worldwide.

Member of the New Zealand Guild of Food Writers

Founder of Whole Food Secrets

Author of several best selling e-books
What You Get...
  • 23 years of my life, learnings, and love presented in a way that ensures a successful mind/body transformation to lasting weight loss.
  •  Over 80 inspiring high quality recorded video and audio lessons
  •  A beautiful downloadable diet and eating guide detailing exactly what to eat, when, foods to avoid, supplements and everything you need to know to lose weight, attain vibrant health and feel fantastic  
  •  An incredible downloadable mind guide showing you how to promote self-love, embrace the inner coach and merge mind and body for lasting weight loss   
  •  An extensive library covering the scientific, inspirational and physiological facets of the program
  •  A detailed guide on exactly how to eat long term after you reach your ideal weight  
  •  You will be able to log in and access the content anywhere from any device, mobile or desktop
Here’s How It All Breaks Down…
Week 1 
Switching into ketosis and active weight loss phase
  • This week is all about making the physical switch from burning carbohydrates as fuel to burning fat.
  •  We establish a daily routine to ensure success
  •  All hunger and cravings should disappear
  •  We look at connecting to your goals and what has been holding you back
  •  We begin to practice some acts of self-love
  •  Expected weight loss of around 2-3kgs/4-6lbs
Week 2 
Active weight loss phase
  • This week is a full week of active weight loss and the scales should drop daily.
  •  You may notice some changes in your measurements as the stored fat in your ‘trouble’ areas is burnt away
  •  You may experience better mental clarity that has been described as feeling like a cloud has been lifted from your mind.
  •  We delve into our inner coach and inner critic to help decipher those ‘random’ thoughts we all experience
  •  Expected weight loss of around 4kgs/9lbs
Week 3 
Active weight loss phase
  • The weight loss continues in week 3, but we should experience our first healthy plateau as our body adjusts to the new weight
  •  Your energy levels should be high
  •  You may notice that minor aches and pains you learned to live with decrease as your body becomes less inflamed.
  •  We explore the six human needs and what drives you and how to ensure positive fulfilment.
  •  We continue regular acts of self-love
  •  Expected weight loss of around 5kgs/12lbs
Week 4 
Breaking the plateau and active weight loss
  • As our body adjusts to our new lighter weight, the weight loss will begin again as we look forward to reading the scales each morning.
  •  Your mood should be high and mental clarity bright
  •  We can begin to introduce more fats into our diet in week 4
  •  Friends and family will be commenting on how good you look
  •  We look at how to heal your inner critic and how your beliefs are impacting your life
  •  Expected weight loss of around 7kgs/15lbs
Week 5
Active weight loss
  • Your measurements should be dramatically different by now and old clothes may fit better than ever before
  •  We continue with acts of self-love
  •  We look at emotional patterns and cycles and how to break them
  •  Your palate will have changed and healthy food starts to taste better
  •  Expected weight loss of around 8kgs/17lbs
Week 6
Active weight loss
  • The weight loss should continue steadily in this final week of active weight loss and you will feel fantastic.
  •  You may feel very little hunger
  •  People will be asking what your secret is
  •  We explore the story behind your weight and rewrite that story for sustained weight loss and health
  •  You may find your inner relationship with yourself has drastically changed
  •  Expected weight loss of around 10kgs/22lbs
Week 7
First stabilization phase
  • This is the first week of stabilization where we aim to maintain our current weight loss to allow our body to adjust mentally and physically 
  •  You can increase food portions and re-introduce breakfast
  •  Your body will feel lighter physically and emotionally and you will have high energy levels throughout the day
  •  We explore the power of ego and how to live in the moment to increase happiness
  •  Expected weight loss stabilizes around 10kgs/22lbs
Week 8
Stabilization phase
  • In this final week of the program we again focus on maintaining our current weight before beginning another round of active weight loss or enjoying our new goal weight
  •  Your measurements should tell their own story with major decreases in ‘trouble’ areas
  •  Your old clothes may now be too big and you have to consider a new wardrobe
  •  Friends and families will be desperate to find out more about your transformation
  •  We explore embodying life so you can extend your physical transformation into other areas of your life.
  •  Expected weight loss stabilises around 10kgs/22lbs
Success Stories
"Having always been relatively fit and healthy I can’t say growing up I have ever really struggled with my weight. However when I turned 40 I noticed that weight was harder to shift and I had to work harder and eat way less to move any weight. I tried many diets and exercise plans but always would put the weight back on despite the amount of exercise I was doing.  

I have just finished my first 8 weeks on The Ketogenic Switch and now feel amazing again. I am ready to face the world again. The shift in my emotional state has been amazing. I will I stay within the Keto Switch Lifestyle without a doubt! I believed in this process from the beginning and I stuck to the rules! I believed that Deborah’s years of experience were worth investing my time and energy in to and I had to give this a genuine chance to work.

I can’t recommend this program highly enough. 

 Don’t question it – JUST DO IT!! You are worth it!"
Sharleen Adams
"The program is easy to follow, clearly explained throughout the written materials, videos & live Facebook feeds & most importantly the support offered not only by Deb, but also the community that they have created, is so positive & encouraging. 

The program focuses not just on weight loss, but emotional well being and changing your mindset for the better. I began the program not really happy within myself, and ended it knowing that I am worthy of love, and that that starts with showing myself the care and attention that I deserve. I am confident that I have the tools going forward to continue making healthy choices & also guide my family to better health. 

I will be encouraging all of my female friends to take part in this challenge, so that they can go on their own journey of self love."
Kelly James
"I am 55 years young and have been experiencing stubborn menopausal weight gain in the last 2 years. 
I have gained 17 kg last year and complained of joint and back pain, abdominal bloating, lack of energy, severe hot flushes and night sweats.

I came across with The Ketogenic Switch Webinar 
and joined the program.
Over the last 4 weeks I have lost over 6 kg, my joint and back pain, night sweats have improved.
The hot flushes and bloating have stopped and I 
have more energy to continue to work full time.

I am very happy with what I've achieved in this short amount of time with the support of ebook materials, video trainings, live video sessions with Deborah.
The help and supports of the TKS Team and the Facebook community is exceptional.

Thank you Deborah for changing so many women's 
life with this great program on an affordable price!"
Erika Urban 
"I just want to say thank you for help during this program. I am so thankful that I met you . This eating plan has changed my whole life!!! I'm moving better, pain (fibromyalgia) is much better and I feel so good!!

I have prayed for help, because I could not live like this and was sick of diets. I found a plan that works and I can do this for the rest of my life. It is easy and so good!

I have lost 5.2kg in 3 weeks and look forward to lose another 15. I know I can do this. We are a good group on fb and with yours and the members support it is the best ever!"
Retha Wagner
"I'm a 34-year-old mum that has tried everything to lose weight after having children. I've tried many different diets and whilst I have lost a little weight on these, and done a lot of strenuous exercise to lose it, I've never managed to keep it off......til now! The TKS system has changed how I look at and think about food. I have a lot more energy, I'm sleeping better and I feel good about myself and the progress I am making. 

The Facebook page is one of the best parts! Our own little community of people going through the same ups and downs, sharing ideas and success stories, it truly is inspiring! This is the best thing I've ever done, for my mind and my body. 

Thanks so much Deb! xx"

8.5kg and 61.5cm lost in 5 weeks.
Alexia Welsh
"I can honestly say that this program has changed my life… The initial attraction for me was the fact that it would relieve inflammation, the bonus was I would lose weight!

The main thing is I am learning to have respect and love for myself, I actually cried the first few times I was asked to tell myself “I love you”. I haven’t mastered it yet but I do have this happiness inside me that I don’t remember ever feeling. My two kids at home are amazed at the difference in my mood, they are telling everyone “since Mum has been on this Ketogenic Diet she is really happy, it’s awesome”

The modules with videos, recipes, meditations, food plans etc. Everything you need to succeed is there, and then there is the awesome support from all the other beautiful women who are part of the group. I absolutely love this program"
Josie Carter
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I exercise or start exercising on the programme?
If you are currently exercising then you can continue your regime along side TKS. If you are NOT currently exercising, you can start exercising after around 4 weeks on the programme, but monitor your weight loss to determine whether exercise has any impact. If you are already fit and used to regular exercise, you can continue at the same level, but again be aware that you may experience a brief reduction in stamina until you become fat adapted , which can take up to a month. Vigorous exercise causes inflammation and water retention in the body, so it can have an effect on your weight loss.
Will The Ketogenic Switch work for vegetarians and vegans?
The Ketogenic Switch works well for vegetarians and vegans with just a few simple variations which are covered in the food plan including some sample meal plans and recipes designed specifically for vegetarians and vegans.
What protein can vegetarians and vegans eat in this programme? 
There are a wide variety of protein options for vegetarians and vegans including tempeh, natto, a wide variety of nuts and seeds, spirulina and some approved supplements.  If you are a vegetarian who eats seafood, we also have a wide variety of seafood options available for protein.
Will I get the same weight loss results as a vegetarian or vegan on this programme?
The weight loss results for vegetarians and vegans should be similar to meat eaters on this programme, in fact we have a large number of vegans and vegetarians in our programme and they are having amazing weight loss results. This is largely because TKS uses a unique food cycling method to help vegetarians and vegans lose weight, while still optimising health. 
What happens when I get to my goal weight?
Once you reach your goal weight, CELEBRATE! And then you can go into maintenance mode. Under Week 8 on the website you can download the 1-1-1 plan, which is designed for long term maintenance. This allows up to 100g per day of carbohydrates compared to 50g or less on keto.

TKS is a lifestyle and not just a weight loss programme so we encourage you to continue to be an active member of the TKS Facebook group and support those who are just beginning their weight loss journey. Of course the support available to you is also ongoing. 

Your experiences are very valuable for new members so we encourage you to share and contribute back to the TKS community.
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